What we're workin with

What we're workin with
The 81 KZ650 (SR)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hardtails an hillbillies....

Took time out of building  an fixing stuff to go an see a man about a bike. It all came about via a  classic add in the local rag along the lines of "not too much to do ideal project" type enticement. A hardtailed 68 Triumph 650...hmmm definately something I'm interested in and it's local. The seller sent me a text pic. Looks interesting enough to go an have a tyre kick.

Elusive things those texts pics, a bit like 'profile pics' on dating sites. The dude lived seriously out of town, up a track, in a shack. Lets just say he was a 'character' and there were a couple of moments when I swear I heard the twang of a banjo across the swamp. It did cross my mind that a man could disappear out this way......."we're gonna make you squeal like a hog boy"

So the 'project' isn't gonna be my project but this trip wasn't ever really about getting a bargain 68 Trumpy. I felt like a cruise along some  back roads, on a warm spring day, on my beloved Royal Enfield. As I was thumping along I realized that I have the classic scenic country roads thing going on in my own backyard. Took some pics, had a great ride.

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