What we're workin with

What we're workin with
The 81 KZ650 (SR)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Finally making some more progress! The tank is painted and ready to be cut and polished. The bikes nearly fully stripped down for painting and re-assembly. Need to get this done!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Motorcycle Heaven

Just did a school holiday road-trip with the little fella. Great to catch-up with friends and family. Of course no road-trip is complete without some sort of bike related activity. In this case it was a visit to the Australian Motorcycle Museum at Nabiac then a visit to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Camperdown, Sydney. I haven't seen many motorcycle museums but I'm betting this one is world class or perhaps better described as "fucking awesome". There is a huge collection of bikes. Hope these pics give a bit of an indication. I can't wait to go back. Also enjoyed checking out Deus. I Pretty much like everything they do. Would be more than happy to own one of their bikes on day.

Workshop Chaos

Weeks of rain, school holidays, home renovation and other non bike related bizz have taken their toll on the workshop - it's a bloody shambles. I've gotta get this KZ done before it pisses down rain for another month so step 1 is to try and get the space functional........

Friday, December 17, 2010

Next Project????

Sometimes an opportunity is too good to pass up. In my totally unrelated to bikes travels today I came across this slightly used XL250R. In fact all the parts are there and it was obviously a project someone has started then abandoned.

It all started when I took an old fridge to the dump or 'refuse exchange centre' for a mate. On my way through to the scrap metal section I spotted this little beauty, parked on it's stand with all the parts sitting alongside in neatly labelled boxes. I bargained the dump dude down from $100 to $55. It was there, I had $55 and a big empty trailer.......it was almost irresponsible not to take it away..

So now I have project number 2 waiting for project number 1 to conclude. No idea what lies in store for the little 250 although I'm quite sure it will involve a grinder.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mini me

Please welcome our latest research and development test pilot. Today he's taking an example of China's best mini-quad efforts for a run.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Burn out.......

Suffering a bit of project fatigue mainly to the sudden onset of having to work for money......with tools, for others. Oh well helps put paint on the metal bits I suppose.

Hopefully the dude in this pic didn't suffer too badly and this was just a flash of flame rather than a long burn scenario.....maybe he misunderstood the concept of burning rubber off the start?? The competition seems to be taking it fairly casually.

pretty sure this came from  http://planbmotorcycles.blogspot.com

Monday, November 29, 2010


It's looking like my November deadline is a no-go given that tomorrow is the last day of November and there's a lot to do. Came down to the need to make money taking priority over the desire to spend it - not a bad thing really, it was going the other way there for awhile.

So, my new deadline is January 2011, that's when rego is due - a real incentive to have it on the road.

The painting should start this week, just have to decide on colour......maybe something understated and subtle like this one??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Seat!

Finally got the Ebay Nitroheads bargain seat in the mail. Gonna be  a really good fit once I do a bit more grinder work- I'm stoked. Now I feel motivated to get on with it. Got some more nice Nitroheads parts on the way but for now it's time to strip this baby good an proper.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer's comin!

Ahhh I love summer - too hot for all that fancy safety gear. Peace, love an sturdy boots baby!

Ebay to the rescue!

Scored a brand new Nitro Heads seat off Ebay for $102.00. I'm stoked. It's worth about 4 times that. According to the seller the size should fit neatly  on my cut-down rear frame. Would have cost me at least that much to make one up myself.  I'm waiting to see how it sits on the bike before I do much more. In the meantime stripping paint off guards and other prep stuff. I'll be making a new battery box for the see through look but can't do that until I know how the seat is gonna mount.